Tech Happy works with existing big businesses to make cheap corporate plans and rates available for individuals and small businesses. Our users are a family of like-minded individuals who are looking to be on the best network at the best prices.

    Get your SIM

    Once you finish signing up, your SIM card is mailed to you within 2-4 business days.

    Be Happy!

    We continue our goal of fighting for affordable telecom pricing in Canada. Thank you for your support.


    Can I get a phone with my plan?

    Not at this time. We believe in providing only the smartest options for our users. Devices on contracts (with financing) are usually more expensive (sometimes hundreds more) than those bought outright from the manufacturer or 3rd party distributor. In addition, devices sold by carriers come network-locked (an unlock fee must be paid later) and may have additional bloatware pre-installed. For these reasons, we strongly recommend purchasing devices directly on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or compare prices using something like kimovil.com.

    What SIM card will I get/what network does this run on?

    Our SIM cards are tri-sims (nano+micro+full-size SIM combo) and run on Canada's leading networks at the best available speeds.

    Can I port my number in?

    Yes. When you're signing up, you can provide your existing carrier details. When you receive our SIM card, let us know and we will put in the port request. The porting process is usually complete same business day.

    Will I be able to track my data usage online?

    No, please use your device(s). Android has built-in data usage tracking and limiting. For iOS, we recommend My Data Manager. Please note other features like Data Blocking and Usage Warnings may not be available.

    Will my rate stay the same later?

    Yes. However, please note that we cannot officially guarantee it beyond 2 years. We promise to do our best and keep your rate as low as possible - that is why we exist!

    Can I add additional lines to my account?

    Yes. The data bucket in your account is automatically shared between all of your lines, so please be sure to add more data to your account if needed.

    Can I use my service in other countries?

    We have a flexible roaming package for the USA that isn't too expensive that you can enable. All other international destination are blocked by default. Use a free phone provider like Fongo when you travel and forward your calls to it before you leave. Also, take a look at the best roaming options available to Canadians.

    Do you have a location where I can visit you?

    Yes, but please note that we try to keep things online on purpose. This is the most efficient way for us to operate and keep your rates low. Please email us to arrange a meeting with a representative.